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Word 2010 Compare

If someone reviewed or edited your document, but failed to turn on Track Changes it is still possible to accept or reject the changes they made by using the Compare feature.

Word 2010 Proofing File Review

Word 2010 Compare

To get started, you will need to select Compare in the Compare section of the Review tab. A drop down menu will open with two available options:

  • Compare two versions of a document (legal blackline).
  • Combine revisions from multiple authors into a single document.

In our example, we have only one author and one revision to compare, so we will select Compare or the top option.

The Compare Documents dialog box will appear.

Word 2010 Compare: Compare Documents

On the left side, you will select your original document by searching in the drop down box or selecting the file folder. On the right side of this box, you will search for the revised version. In both documents, you can choose whose name will appear for the changes that were made in the Label changes with box. When finished, select Ok.

At this point, Word will compare the two documents to come up with a summary of changes that were made between them. In the top-right box, you will find your original document and just below it (bottom-right corner) is the version that someone else revised or edited. In the middle, you will see the full mark-up, as if the track changes feature had been turned on all along. Word was able to compare the two documents and put this together.

Now you can accept or reject the changes just like we did before in the Changes tutorial.

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This concludes the Review tab: Compare Documents tutorial.
Click next to continue to the Word 2010 Protect Documents tutorial.