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Word 2010 Editing

Clipboard - Font - Paragraph - Styles - Editing

Word 2010 Editing

Last but not least is the Word 2010 Editing section of the home tab. These features are great for large documents. If you need to look for a specific word or section of your document click on the find button. This feature has changed since the 2007 version of Word. It will open a navigation pane in the left side of your working screen.

Word 2010 Search Navigation Pane

When the navigation pane opens type the word you are looking for in the search document. When you are finished typing, Word 2010 will scan your document and highlight all of the key words. The magnifying glass will change to an x to clear the key work.

Click the down arrow on the magnifying glass to the right of the key word you are searching for. This will give you a drop down menu with a selection of options to customize your search. Advanced find and Replace are both options in the Editing section as well as this drop down menu.

Word 2010 Find and Replace window

Click the Go To option, this will open the Find and Replace window to the Go To tab. In this tab you can select what you are looking for from the Go to what option box and the text box to the right will change with the selection you made. When you have your information entered click Next. This will scan your document and highlight the text in order using the next and previous buttons. Click Close when you are finished with your search.

The options in the find section of the drop down menu in the find navigation pane will go through your document and find only the selected item. For example if you select graphics it will scan your document and find each graphic in your document.

Word 2010 Replace

Now click on the Replace the button in the Editing section.

The same Find and Replace window pops up except the Replace tab is selected. This feature is useful if you have dates or names in a form letter you need to change. Type the word you would like to change in the Find what text box and Type the word you would like to change it to in the Replace with text box.

The Replace, Replace All and the Find Next buttons will no longer be grayed out. If you would like to replace the words one at a time click Find Next and if it is a word you want replaced click Replace and continue that way through the document.

If you know you want every word replaced click Replace All and each word in the document will be replace.

Word 2010 Select

The last option in the Editing section is Select. Select All will highlight your entire document.

Select Objects will select all objects, including tables, graphics, charts, etc.

Word 2010 Selection and Visibility Pane

To use the Select Text with Similar Formatting highlight a section of text. For example if you would like to change the style of all of your headings and you have them all bold. By highlighting the bold text and selecting Select text with Similar Formatting Word 2010 will scan your document and select all text that is bold.

Click the Selection Pane. This option will be grayed out if you are in compatibility mode. If you are able to click on this button the Selection and Visibility pane will open.

If you have objects in your document they will be listed in this selection pane. By selecting the objects in the selection pane you can use the arrows at the bottom to move the objects up or down in order.

By changing the order in the Selection Pane you will reorder the objects in your document. To close the Selection and Visibility pane click the small x in the upper right corner of the pane.

Now that we are finished with the Home tab, I hope you learned all you wanted to learn and that the tutorial was easy to follow.

Next Tutorial: Word 2010 Insert Tab

This concludes the Home tab tutorial.
Click Next and we will move onto the Word 2010 Insert tab.