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Word 2010 Finish Mail Merge

We previously previewed our letters to ensure they were ready to export. Now you will learn how to finish the mail merge process.

Word 2010 Mailings Finish

Edit Individual Documents

Word 2010 Mailings Finish & Merge

Your mail merge document should be open. Now select Finish & Merge in the Finish section of the Mailings tab. Three options open up below the Finish and Merge button.

  1. Edit Individual Documents
  2. Print Documents
  3. Send E-mail Messages
Word 2010 Mailings: Merge to New Document

We will start by choosing the first option, Edit Individual Documents. A dialog box will open, Merge to New Document.

You have the option of selecting all of the records, the current record or specifying records. We are going to select All and then Ok. This will open up a new Word file, named Letters1, containing all of our letters, 1-7, as different pages.

Now would be a good time to save this new letter by going to File, Save As and choose the same location or folder as your mailing list.

Word 2010 Mailings Finish: Letter 1

Print Documents

When you are ready to print your documents, select Finish & Merge in the Finish section of the Mailings tab.

Word 2010 Mailings Finish: Merge to Printer

The drop down box will open with three options - select the second option, Print Documents. This will open the Merge to Printer dialog box. You can print all of the records, the current record, or choose a selection of records and select Ok.

The print dialog box will open and give you even more print options. If no further changes need to be made, select Ok and your documents will be sent to your printer.

Word 2010 Mailings Finish: Print

Send E-mail Messages

If you would prefer to email your letter or document versus print, you will select Finish & Merge in the Finish section of the Mailings tab. In the drop down box, choose Send E-mail Messages.

Word 2010 Mailings Finish: Merge to E-mail

The Merge to E-mail dialog box will appear and you will be asked to complete your message options.

In the To: field, you will choose the Email_Address option or whichever field contains your recipient's email addresses.

Next, type in your subject line. For mail format, you most likely will need to keep it at HTML. There is an option for plain text, which will not include any text formatting or graphics. There is also an option for attachment, which attaches your document rather than including it in the body of the email message.

Under send records, you have the option to:

  • merge and send all records
  • choose current record and only the recipient on your screen will be sent the message
  • specify a record number to begin the merge and a record number to end the merge.

Select Ok to run your mail merge.

Next Tutorial: Word 2010 Proofing

This concludes the Finish Mail Merge tutorial.
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