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Word 2010 Header Footer

Pages - Tables - Illustrations - Links - Header & Footer - Text - Symbols

The information in a header is displayed at the top of each page of your document and footer is displayed at the bottom of each page. Click the Header button and you are able to see a selection of styles for the text that will appear at the top of each page of your document. Select one of the options from the Header drop down menu.

Word 2010 Header and Footer design

It will place your header selection at the top of your document. You can then type your text into the header and it will be placed on each page. Also notice that when you add a header to your document another Tab appears called Design. This tab gives you options to edit your header and footer to best suite your needs if you have specific questions about this tab please email me.

The other options in the Header button are Edit header. This option will reopen the Header & Footer design tab once you have closed it. You can also double click in the header area to make changes.

The last option in the Header button we are going to talk about is the Remove Header button. If you have inserted a Header into your document and no longer want it simply click the remove header button and it will remove the header from all pages of your document.

The Footer is the same as the Header but will appear at the bottom of each page of the document. Click the down arrow on the footer button to see a list of options. Make a selection from the list of default footer styles. Your selection will appear at the bottom of the Word 2010 document you are working on and the Header & Footer Design tab will be displayed at the top. When you are finished editing your footer then click the close button at the far right hand side of the design tab. This will close the design tab. If you need to edit your footer at a later time click the down arrow on the footer button again and select Edit Footer. The Design tab will appear again for you to make changes.

To remove your footer click the down arrow on the footer button at select Remove Footer.

Word 2010 Page Number Options

The last button in the Header & Footer section of the Insert tab is the Page Number button. This button will give you a selection of putting your page numbers at the top of page, bottom of page, page margin, or current position each of these options give you the opportunity to select from a list of default styles and locations to place you page numbers.

Word 2010 Page Number Format Window

There is also a formatting and removal option In the Page number button. Click the Format Page Number selection. The Page Number Format window will open and give you several options to choose from to make your page numbers look the way you want. The drop down arrow next to Number format lets you choose from number, letters, roman numerals, etc. If you would like to include Chapter numbers check the box and the options for your chapters will no longer be grayed out. Page numbering lets you either continue from a previous section of your document of start at any page number you would like by selecting the radio button next to Start at: and then either typing the page number or using the up and down arrows to enter the page number.

To remove all page number simply click the Remove page numbers at the bottom of the Page Number selections.

Next Tutorial: Word 2010 Text section of the Insert tab

This concludes the Head & Footer section of the Insert tab. Please email me if you need further explanation on any of the topics. Click next to continue to the Word 2010 Text section tutorial.