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Word 2010 Layout Paragraph

Page Setup - Page Background - Layout Paragraph - Arrange

This page is going to cover two sections, Word 2010 Paragraph and arrange of the Page Layout tab.

Word 2010 Paragraph Spacing & Indent

There are two paragraph sections in Word 2010, one in the Home tab and this one in the Page Layout tab.

This Paragraph section is broken up into two parts, Indent and Spacing.

Indent Left moves in the paragraph by the amount you type in the dialog box or you can change it with the up and down arrows.  Right moves in the right side of the paragraph.

Spacing Before adds space adds space above the paragraph.  Spacing After adds space below the paragraph.  To add space type a number in the text box or use the up and down arrow buttons to increase or decrease the spacing.

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This concludes the Layout Paragraph tutorial.
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