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Word 2010 Styles

Word 2010 Styles section of the Home Tab

The Style section is used to quickly format an entire document. A style is a set of formatting characteristics such as font size, color, paragraph alignment, spacing, and shading.

Open one of your existing letters or document and press ctrl key and A. This will select the entire document. Or if you are just beginning a document you can make these selections before you start typing.

Scroll through the default styles with the up and down arrows to the right. Click on one of the default styles and it will change your documents if you already have one typed or start typing and see how Word 2010 is automatically making the changes to the style. If you don't like the looks of it simply make sure the entire document is highlighted and click another style.

Word 2010 Change Styles options

The next button is Change Styles. This button gives you the opportunity to customize the style you choose. Click the down arrow to see the options. The first selection is Style Set. A style set is the combination of formatting changes you make to a document. Place your mouse over Style Set to see a list of options. These options will change the style selections you can choose from. If you have made style changes to your document you can click the selections at the bottom of the list to Reset changes made to a template, reset the document to quick styles, or save your customized style as a Quick Style set.

The next selection in the Change Styles button is Colors. Place your mouse over Colors. You will see a list of preselected color combinations. These color combinations are for different text colors throughout your document. If you select the Create New Theme Color at the bottom of the menu you will see a list of the different types of text you can change the colors.

Word 2010 Change Font Styles

Next is the Fonts selection in the Change Styles button. Click on the Fonts selection and see a list of default combination of Fonts. The top is the Heading font and the bottom is the text for the body of the document. Use the arrow slide bar on the right hand side to scroll through the selections. At the bottom of the Fonts menu you will see Create New Theme Fonts. Click on this option. The Create new Theme Fonts window will open.

In the Create new Theme Fonts window you can customize a font theme. Simply use the down arrows to select a font for the Heading and or the Body. Name your font theme and click Save.

Word 2010 Create New Theme Fonts

The last option in the Change Styles button is the set as default selection. This will take the current theme of your document and set it to default so every time you start a new document the theme you have created will be used.

Word 2010 Paragraph Spacing Style Changes

New to Word 2010 is the Paragraph Spacing option in the Change Styles button. The built-in options show different spacing choices to apply throughout the document. You are also able to customize your paragraph spacing. Click on the Custom Paragraph Spacing option at the bottom of the built-in list.

Word 2010 Manage Styles

This will open the Manage Styles window to the set Defaults tab. In this tab you can set default font styles and font size. You can set tabs for paragraph indents by typing a number or using the up and down arrows in the Paragraph position section.

When you are finished making your selections click the radio button to apply it to the working document only or all new documents based on the template you just set. Then click OK to return to your document and apply the changes you just made.

Next Tutorial: Word 2010 Editing

This concludes the Word 2010 Styles tutorial.
Click next to continue to the last section of the home tab, the Editing tutorial.