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Word 2010 Tracking

When you are collaborating with another person on a document, it can be useful to track each other's changes and/or mark-ups.

Word2010 Proofing: File Review

Track Changes

Word2010 Tracking: Track Changes

When you insert, delete and/or change formatting in a document, Word 2010 will track what the change was, who made it and when it was made. To turn this function on, you will need to select Track Changes from the Tracking section of the Review tab. The Track Changes button will turn yellow when on; however, you won't see anything happen in your document until changes are made.

Before we make any changes to our document, we want to make sure our user name is set up correctly. Select the drop down arrow on the Track Changes button. When the drop down menu appears, select Change User Name. The Word Options dialog box will appear.

Word 2010 Tracking: Word Options

Under Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office, you are able to edit the User name and Initials. When finished, select Ok. Now, when you make changes to the document, it will reflect the new user name and initials.

Word 2010 Tracking Accomplishments

Verify that the Track Changes button is still yellow. If not, select it again. The first change we will make to our document, is deleting the word "and" that was mistakenly typed twice. Notice a line is drawn through the word when we delete it and a black vertical line appears directly to the left of the document. The black line signals a change has been made in that area of the document.

Word 2010 Tracking: Display last edited

If you place your cursor over the changes you make in the document, a box appears that informs you who made the change, when it was made and what the change was.

When you add information to the document, the text you add will be blue and underlined. We are going to add the education information to our resume.

You can easily see the information added by the change in text color and it is underlined. Again, when we hover over the change, a box with details regarding the changes appears. We see that Sommer inserted text on 5/23/2018 at 2:02:00 PM.

Word 2010 Tracking: Last Edited

To change the tracking options, select the drop down box arrow on the Track Changes button. In the drop down menu, select Change Tracking Options.

The Track Changes Options dialog box will appear. You have options to change colors and editing function (like underlining, striking through words and more) of the markups in your document. Perhaps some colors are easier for you to see than others, so by changing the color the document will be easier to read. If you make changes in the Track Changes Options dialog box, then you must select for those changes to take effect. If you decide to leave everything the same, just select Ok or Cancel.

Word 2010 Track Changes Options

Display for Review

Word 2010 gives you different options for displaying your document for review. To see your options, select Final: Show Markup in the Tracking section of the Review tab. A drop down box will open with four options: Final: Show Markup, Final, Original: Show Markup and Original.

Word 2010 Tracking: Final Show Markup

If you set the display for review to Final: Show Markup, your document would show all of the comments (to the right of your document) and markups (strike throughs and underlines) that occurred and would print that way as well.

If you change it to Final, then the comments and editing markups would disappear, but the changes made to the document would still be there.

If the display for review was changed to Original: Show Markup, again the document will show the comments and markups and would print this way. By selecting Original, all markups, comments and edits would disappear. Your document would now appear exactly how it was before any changes were made.

Show Markup

Word 2010 Tracking: Show Markup

In the Show Markup list, you can select the types of revisions you would like to see: Comments, Ink, Insertions and Deletions, Formatting, Markup Area Highlight, Balloons, Reviewers and Highlight Updates.

Simply select Show Markup in the Tracking portion of the Review tab and a drop down box will open. Select the feature (places a check mark to the left of it) if you would like that specific markup to be visible. When selecting Balloons, you also have the options to show the revisions in the balloons, show all revisions inline or show only comments and formatting in balloons. When selecting Reviewers, you have the option to see All Viewers, or select the specific viewer's markups you would like visible.

Reviewing Pane

To review a summary of the changes that have been made to your document, you can open up a reviewing pane. To do this, select Reviewing Pane from the Tracking section of the Review tab.

Word 2010 Tracking: Reviewing Pane

You have the option of Reviewing Pane Vertical or Reviewing Pane Horizontal.

In our example, we are viewing the pane vertically to the left of our document.

Included in this summary, are the number of revisions made, a break-down of the type of revisions made and a list of each changes made by which user.

Word 2010 Reviewing Pane Vertical or Horizontal

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