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Word 2010 Zoom

In this tutorial you will learn how to zoom in Word 2010. You will find zoom and the various zoom features in the View tab - there is an entire section dedicated to zoom. When we apply the zoom-in feature, it enlarges the text size. When we apply the zoom-out, it reduces the text size.

Word 2010 File Print Layout

The zoom function only changes the text size of the font on screen without impacting anything else in your document.

Word 2010 Zoom

We will show three different ways to access zoom in your document. First, you can select Zoom (next to the magnifying glass) from the Zoom section of the View tab.

This will open the Zoom dialog box with additional zoom functionalities.

Word 2010 Zoom

Your text is currently being shown at 100%, and you can quickly change the size of your on-screen text by selecting the radio button next to 200% or 75%. If you have a more specific text size you would prefer, you can use the up and down arrows to the right of Percent. Select Ok to accept your changes.

You also have the options of adjusting your text size to page width, text width, whole page and many pages. Refer to the bottom of the Zoom dialog box to see how these changes will impact your document. Select Ok to accept any changes that are made.

To quickly revert your on-screen text back to 100% of the normal size, select 100% from the Zoom section of the View tab.

From the Zoom section of the View tab you also have the ability to view your document on-screen as One Page, Two Pages or Page Width.

Word 2010 Zoom Slide

Another way to zoom and adjust your on-screen text, is by utilizing the zoom slider which is found in the bottom-right of your window. Select the minus button to reduce the size of your text and the plus button to enlarge the size of your text. You can also drag the pivot along the slider to adjust the zoom level. To the left of the slider is a percentage which tells you which level the zoom is currently at.

Zooming can also be achieved by the using your mouse. Hold down the control button on the keyboard and use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in and out.

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This concludes the Zoom tutorial.
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