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Word Custom Background

How do you make a word custom backgroung? This example is to make a polka dot background.

There is not a way to modify the default patterns for the background. I would recommend using a program called paint. It comes with most windows operating system. Open the Paint Program by clicking Start, then Accessories, then Paint.


Once the Paint program is open select the paint can icon on the left tool bar.

Paint Fill Color

Then at the top click colors then edit color. The Edit colors window will come up, select the color you want. Then click OK.

Edit Color

Now click the area you are doing your drawing in. The whole image you are creating will turn the color you selected. Notice that my square is now blue.

Paint Background Fill

Next click colors and edit color again and select another color. Then in the left tool bar click the circle icon. Draw the circle the size you need.

Paint Draw Circle Notice this is just an outline of the circle. Now click the paint can again and click inside the circle to fill it in.

If you need to increase the size of your drawing space mouse over the small square in the bottom right corner and click and drag to the size you want.

Save your image some where you can find it by clicking file and save. Now go back to Word 2007.

In Word 2007 go to the page layout tab and in the background section select page color and fill effects.

Word 2007 Page Color

In the Fill Effects window click the picture tab.

Word Fill Effects Picture Tab

Then click the select picture button. When browse to the picture you created in the paint program. Then click insert. Then OK. This will tile the image you created in Paint in the background of your document.

Word 2007 Custom Background

This is great if you are creating flyers, greeting cards, or brochures in Word 2007. I hope this tutorial helped you. Please visit my other pages for more tutorials.