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Word 2007 Page Layout

In these tutorials we will cover all of the sections of the Word 2007 Page Layout tab. We will go through step by step explaining how all of the buttons in each section work. You can skip around by clicking the section you would like to learn about at the top of this page. The Page layout tab is where you can change the appearance of the entire Word document. Open your greeting card we were working on then click the Page Layout tab and we will get started.

Word 2007 ThemesThe first section of the Page Layout tab is themes. Themes is a great feature if you are typing an elaborate document and want to use a variety of fonts and colors and then duplicating those fonts and colors on another document or throughout a long document. A document theme is a set of formatting choices that include a set of theme colors, a set of theme fonts that you can specify a heading and body text font, and a set of theme effects you can choose lines and fill effects.

We are not going to use the themes section on our greeting card but I want you to understand what the feature does. Click the down arrow under themes.

Built In Word Themes

You will get a list of pre-designed themes you can apply to your document. Each theme will include font colors, font styles, font sizes and effects including lines, fill effects, and colors.

If you already selected a theme for your document and no longer want to use it click on the Reset to Theme from Template option.

If you don’t like any of the built-in themes you can click More Themes on Microsoft Office Online and there will be many more to choose from. Or you can create your own theme with the other options in the Theme section. Then click back on Themes and at the bottom click Save Current Theme then you will be prompted for a file name. Once you give your theme a name it will be available to use on other documents you create.

Now I will go over how to create your custom theme with the other features in this category.

Now click on the down arrow next to the square made up of 4 colors to learn how to change the theme color.

Word Theme Color

When you click on the custom color theme drop down arrow you will get a list of Built-In Color themes for your document. These are colors are for a variety of things including heading, body, and accent colors. Now click on Create New Theme Colors.

Create New Theme Color In Word 2007

The Create New Theme Colors window will appear. Here you get a better idea of what each line of colors is going to do.

Not only do you now understand what each color is for but you can modify the colors to your liking.

Once you are finished modifying the colors by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the color you want to change and selecting a new color then type a theme color name in the Name section the click Save.

Your new modified color will appear in the list of Built-In Color Themes.

Next is the Font theme selector. Click the dropdown arrow next to the box with an A.

Word Font Theme

This menu works just like the colors but you are changing the fonts. It has the same Built-In selections Microsoft Word 2007 has provided for you and also the Create New Theme Fonts option. Click the Create New Theme Fonts.

Create New Font Theme in Word 2007

When the Create New Theme Fonts window opens go ahead and play around with Heading font and the Body font by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the font names. It will show you a preview of your selections in the Sample section. If you want to save your selections type a name in the Name section and click save.

The last button in the Themes is the Effects button. Theme effects are sets of lines and fill effects used on shapes and graphics you use in your document. Click the drop down arrow to see your list of choices.

Create Theme Effect in Word 2007

The effects don’t let you customize your own but it gives you a wide variety of choices of boarders and fill effects to choose from.

That wraps up the tutorial on the Themes section of the Word 2007 Page Layout tab. Click the next arrow to move onto the Page setup section.


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