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Yvonne Anderson

by Yvonne Andrtson
(Anchorage Alaska)

I have a Mac Pro, and every time they upgrade or change things, I become lost.
I know about power point, and web pages, etc, but I don’t need that.
What is driving me crazy are all of the passwords, and their rules and regulations.
I can’t remember them. and I guess I don’t choose hard enough ones, because my computer frequently asks for confirmation that I am who I am..
I also seem to have considerable difficulties with storing all of my files and folders, and then being able to retrieve the correct one.

I run a small partnership, and I need to write letters to many people, including atty’s and engineers, and surveyors., etc.
I try to keep my files like I would in a filing cabinet. But it seems like they keep changing the way one can access such files.
I haven’t gotten to the point of scanning things in. Because I am afraid I won’t be able to find them again.
And after the most recent updates I can’t seem to get my e mail accounts working.
I especially have trouble getting rid of documents or notices that I want to delete.

Where can I s start to figure it out? It feels like I will need someone at my elbow to tell me what I am doing wrong.
I am more than willing to pay for a tutor, but I can’t find any that know about mac’s.
At Best Buy where I bought my devices, they don’t know about macs, only PC’s, because they tell me that they don’t have macs In regular use, because they cost so much more.

Can you suggest how I might get help, especially since I live in Alaska. and my choices seem to be limited.
Thank you, to whom ever reads my “comment”
and can help me.

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Mar 23, 2020
Mac File Help
by: Jennifer

I would be happy to help you even though Mac is not my specialty. I can usually figure things out fairly quickly. I will contact you this week to set up a training program.

Best wishes,

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